Looking to transform your freight forwarding or shipping business digitally?

July 2024

This month, we’re thrilled to introduce several new features and updates designed to enhance
your efficiency and simplify the management of your freight forwarding operations. Each
enhancement empowers you with more control and flexibility over your freight processes.

Introducing Milestones

We are excited to announce the addition of the Milestones feature, designed to ensure that
approved procedures are followed and to support users in implementing them. Milestones outline users’ steps and actions for each shipment, providing them with a clear progress indicator.

Key Benefits:

  1. Step-by-Step Guidance: Ensures no critical task is overlooked.
  2. Progress Tracking: Displays achieved milestones, including the most recent ones.
  3. Enhanced Filtering: Filter shipments by milestone status for better compliance audits.
  4. Customizable Triggers: Set manual or automatic milestones based on specific events.
  5. Operational Accuracy: Ensure milestones are completed before shipment closure.

Blocked Countries

Logistaas now allows you to add blocked countries to the system to help you comply with laws
regarding sanctioned countries. Clients from blocked countries will be restricted from creating
inquiries or offers, ensuring compliance and operational integrity. If a client has multiple
branches, you can create inquiries and offers with the branch that is not on the blocked list.

Split Permissions for Adding and Viewing Users’ Tasks

Enhance privacy and control with our new split permissions for task management. Previously,
one permission allowed users to add and view tasks for others; now, these functions are
separated, ensuring efficient task management while maintaining user privacy.

Update to the Custom Dates Feature

We’ve enhanced the custom dates feature with two new updates:

  1. Mandatory For Field: A new field titled “Mandatory For” allows you to choose from the
    drop-down menu whether the date is mandatory for “Issuing Invoices” or “Operationally
    Closing Shipments”, giving the date a clearer purpose.
  2. Enhanced Date Management: Previously, deleting a date removed it from all new
    shipments and made it unsearchable. Now, you can check the box that says
    “Deactivated”, allowing you to search for the date even after deactivating it. This
    provides the flexibility to test dates and remove them easily while maintaining access to
    important information via search.

Alert for Currency Mismatch in Invoices

When selecting a new charge to add to your invoice, the system alerts you if the currency differs from the invoice’s general currency. If you use the wrong currency, a warning sign appears beside the charge with the message: “The currency of this charge does not match the invoice currency.” This helps ensure the accuracy of the inputted data, maintaining financial precision.

Duplicate Contact Warnings in CRM

Prevent duplicate CRM records with our new feature that provides warnings for potential duplicates when adding new clients. This feature enhances the accuracy of your client database and streamlines client management.

When inputting data in either the “Name” or the “Foreign Name” field when editing a client you will get a warning beside the field box, and there are three types:

Green Checkbox: No matches found; data is unique.
Grey Box with Warning Sign: Potential partial match exists.
Red Box with Warning Sign: Exact match found.

New Search Filters Added

Enhance your workflow with new search filters:

  1. To-Do List Page: Search for shipment tasks by the shipper and consignee.
  2. Shipments List Page: Search by the equipment pickup date for more precise shipment tracking.

MBL Numbers with Selected Carriers

Logistaas now checks that the first four digits of the MBL number in sea shipments match the
selected carrier’s SCAC code. In case of any discrepancy, a warning icon will appear above both
the MBL and the carrier fields in a sea shipment. This verification increases data accuracy and
ensures compliance with carrier requirements.

We are committed to continually enhancing the Logistaas experience. Want to experience it
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