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The Ultimate Transportation Management System for Global Freight Forwarders

Logistaas is your top choice for a comprehensive Transportation Management System (TMS) that caters to the unique needs of global freight forwarders. With over a decade of trust from hundreds of freight forwarders across 70+ countries, Logistaas stands out as the preferred TMS solution.


Here’s Why Logistaas
is Your Best Choice

Localization Excellence

We recognize that global freight forwarders operate in diverse regions, each with its unique requirements. Logistaas supports localization needs seamlessly within its transportation management system, including system interface languages, customizable document templates, tax configurations, and integrations with local customs, ports/airports, and tax authorities. No matter where your offices are, Logistaas adapts.

Global Connectivity

Communication is key for enterprises with multiple offices worldwide. Our transportation management system excels in facilitating global information exchange, from inter-company billing to electronic transfer of shipment data and documents. Our platform streamlines the sharing of tariffs, ensuring that your operations stay synchronized and efficient across borders.

Global Connectivity
Seamless Integration

Seamless Integration

We understand that global freight forwarders employ a variety of IT systems and tools to manage data, collaborate with clients, offer digital services, and safeguard their information. Our transportation management system is built with the flexibility to seamlessly communicate with these systems, ensuring a smooth and integrated workflow. 

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Tailored Customization

Your enterprise may have specific mandatory controls, procedures, or niche industry verticals that require custom features, reports, or integrations. Logistaas is fully customizable, allowing you to implement the controls and features needed to support your unique processes.

Tailored Customization
Comprehensive Technical Support​

Comprehensive Technical Support

Our technical support is available across time zones, ensuring that assistance is accessible whenever and wherever your offices operate worldwide. We are committed to providing the highest level of support to keep your operations running smoothly.

Enhanced Customer Engagement

Our transportation management system comes with its very own customer portal that acts as a bridge between your enterprise and your clients, providing them with an interactive and user-friendly platform. Clients can conveniently manage inquiries, shipments, invoices, and more when using our customer portal. This feature provides you with more efficiency and the competitive advantage that your customers deserve.

Enhanced Customer Engagement​

Logistaas Features

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Logistaas offers a feature-packed solution designed to elevate your enterprise. 

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