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Operations Management

Logistaas enables you to manage air/sea/land/customs clearance, inbound/outbound/domestic/cross trade, and consolidated/transshipment/multimodal shipments. We are also integrated with several platforms that enable freight forwarders to communicate with hundreds of airlines and shipping lines.


Workflow Management

Create personalized dashboards, to-do lists, and saved search templates. 

Set up automatic tasks for different shipment types and scenarios. 

Collaborate through file management, assignment of tasks, and shared notes. 

Monitor shipments as they progress through pending and confirmed bookings to open and closed jobs. 

Gain visibility through status updates and shipment tracking.

Connect with Carriers

Submit booking requests and shipping instructions to 50+ container carriers through our integration with INTTRA. 

Send eAWB data to 100+ airlines through integrations with platforms such as Traxon CargoHub, Descartes, and others.

edit shipment

Reduce Manual Work

Generate customizable shipment documents and email them.

Minimize data entry by duplicating or importing data from existing shipments.

Copy offer details into shipments.

Electronically transfer shipment data and statuses between origin and destination offices (instead of sending manual pre-alerts).

Consolidate Shipments

Create consolidations and add shipments. 

Move shipments between different consolidations or convert to standalone ones.

Split shared costs between shipments. 

Generate invoices that include charges from several (or all) shipments. 

Create shipment documents for complete consolidations. 

Manage transshipments.

dynamic volume report

And More!

Make the right decisions with our dynamic volume and profit reports

Split shipments.

Air waybill stock management. 

Manage fleets of trucks and shipper-owned containers.

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