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Accounting Module
for Freight Forwarders

The native accounting module in Logistaas transportation management system enables you to manage your finances accurately and efficiently within the system, making it the perfect all-in-on TMS to meet your needs.


What Can You Do with the Logistaas
Accounting Module?

When looking for a freight forwarding software, it’s essential to choose one that offers a comprehensive native accounting module tailored to your unique needs as a freight forwarder.

Unique Logistaas Benefits

Asset Categories

Eliminate the Need for 3rd Party Integrations

Logistaas accounting module is designed to eliminate redundant processes, ensuring data is updated seamlessly across the platform without the need for double entry. This feature enhances operational efficiency and reduces the potential for errors.

Specialized Features for Freight Forwarders

The module includes tailored details like dimensions, layers, and e-invoicing, which are specifically beneficial for freight forwarding businesses. This specialization allows for precise billing and financial tracking, addressing the unique aspects of freight operations.
Accounting Dimensions
General Journal Entries

Core Accounting Features

All the features that every accounting module must have

Manages invoices and payments, ensuring efficient handling of revenues and expenses.

Accurately records all financial transactions which includes journal entry and general ledger recording.

Tracks and manages assets, focusing on their depreciation and maintenance.

Monitors and manages operational expenses.

Generates essential financial reports, tailored for freight forwarding operations.

Advanced Accounting
& Compliance

Take your accounting a step forward

Facilitates handling of multiple currencies, a necessity in international operations.

Maintains detailed records for transparency and auditing.

Ensures the security and confidentiality of financial data.

Provides visual insights and industry-specific analytics for quick decision-making.

Automatically applies tax regulations of the country to transactions and reports.

Design your own charts of accounts

Reconciliation journal entries

Chart of Accounts

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