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Logistaas offers the best value in the market among all cloud-based transport management systems. We offer a variety of plans and add-on features that cater to the specific needs of your freight forwarding business.

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* The price plans above do not include the one-time implementation fee.


Here’s What Our Clients Say About Us

We implemented Logistaas during the COVID restrictions, and our team was able to continue working remotely. Logistaas's support was excellent and they added several custom features to cater for our particular workflow.

Kandasamy Eagambaram World Asia Logistics

Logistaas saved our company time and money. It simplified our workflow and enabled us to manage operations efficiently across multiple functions. The Customer Portal increased our competitiveness. The technical support team is also very responsive!

Mohamed El-Waziry Omega Shipping EG

Logistaas gave us great visibility into the operations and performance of my team. It significantly reduced the time spent doing things of lesser value, and allowed us to focus on what is important.

Shireen Nicola Salam Shipping and Forwarding

As a system, it is really cutting edge in terms of the user interface and in ease of use. the support too provided to us is also quick and efficient.

Tej Contractor MCC Container Lines

With Logistaas we were able to reduce documentation cost, use our data in a better way, and increase productivity with reporting tools.

Aline Baghdoyan BlackBlues