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Finance Management

The finance management module in Logistaas enables you to accurately and efficiently manage your accounts receivables and payables. We are developing a complete accounting module and expect it to be ready in Q4, 2022.


Manage Receivables and Payables

Generate revenue invoices for single or multiple shipments. 

Register vendor invoices and compare them to shipments’ expected (accrual) costs. 

Manage received and paid payments. 

Set up credit facilities for customers and vendors and control utilization. 

Credit notes approval cycle. 

Improve billing accuracy by importing quotation and tariff rates into shipments. 

Block unwanted clients, agents, and vendors.

Ready for Localization

Integrate with your accounting system to exchange invoices, payments, credit notes, exchange rates, and contacts data. 

Set up local tax schemes. 

Comply with e-invoice requirements in various countries.

Retrieve exchange rates through our integrations with central banks. 

Use the many available settings to implement internal financial policies.

edit shipment
dynamic profit report

Gain Visibility

Dynamic profit report

Ageing and statements of account reports. 

Identify missing and suspicious costs and revenues.

Generate profitability reports for single and consolidated shipments.

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