Looking to transform your freight forwarding or shipping business digitally?

June 2024

We’re thrilled to unveil the Milestones feature, an innovative tool designed to enhance operational efficiency and ensure compliance with approved freight forwarding procedures. This feature offers a structured approach to managing shipments, providing clear visibility and accountability throughout shipping.

Key Benefits

1. Structured Workflow

The Milestones feature breaks down the shipment process into specific steps and actions users must follow. This structured approach ensures that all necessary tasks are completed systematically, reducing the risk of oversight and errors. Having a predefined set of actions makes the process more streamlined and predictable, enabling users to anticipate and plan for upcoming tasks.

2. Enhanced Visibility

Users can easily track progress with the Milestones box in the status bar. This box displays the milestones achieved out of the total required for each shipment and the most recently completed milestone. This real-time visibility helps keep everyone informed and aligned. It allows team members to quickly assess the current status of any shipment and understand what has been completed and what remains to be done.

3. Improved Compliance

Milestones support operational compliance by ensuring all steps are followed per the approved procedures. Users can filter shipments by their current milestone status or by those that have completed all milestones, facilitating easier audits and compliance checks. This feature is particularly useful for managers and compliance officers who must ensure that operations adhere to internal standards and external regulations.

4. Customizable Triggers

The Milestones feature is highly customizable, allowing for manual and automatic triggers. Milestones can be set to automatically update upon events such as shipment creation, document generation, or status changes. This flexibility ensures that the feature adapts to various operational needs and scenarios. For instance, a milestone might be automatically marked as achieved when a shipment reaches a certain status, such as “confirmed booking” or “fully invoiced.”

5. Operational Accuracy

To enhance accuracy, milestones can be configured to mandate their completion before a shipment can be closed operationally. This ensures that all necessary steps are completed, reducing the likelihood of errors and omissions in the shipment process. By enforcing this requirement, the system helps prevent premature closure of shipments and ensures that all critical tasks are addressed.

The Milestones feature is a game-changer in freight forwarding, providing a clear, structured, and efficient way to manage shipments. By ensuring that all approved procedures are followed and supporting users in implementing them, this feature enhances overall operational efficiency, accuracy, and compliance. Embrace the power of the Milestones feature to transform your logistics operations and achieve greater success.