Looking to transform your freight forwarding or shipping business digitally?

April 2024

In the dynamic and complex freight forwarding world, operational efficiency and digital transformation are not just goals but necessities for survival and success. Logistaas offers a comprehensive Transportation Management System (TMS) that caters to every facet of freight forwarding operations. From sales and customer management to operational execution and beyond, Logistaas supports freight forwarders in their quest for efficiency, growth, and competitive advantage.

Why Logistaas Stands Apart

Logistaas is more than a software solution; it’s a strategic partner for freight forwarders worldwide. Its cloud-based platform is designed with the freight forwarding industry in mind. It ensures that whether it’s managing complex shipments, navigating global trade regulations, or optimizing customer relationships, Logistaas provides the tools and insights needed for forwarders to excel. Key features include:

  • A user-friendly interface.
  • Customizable dashboards and reports.
  • Seamless integrations with key industry platforms and services.
  • A scalable solution that grows with your business.

By prioritizing flexibility, scalability, and integration, Logistaas not only addresses the current needs of freight forwarders but also anticipates future challenges, ensuring its users are always ahead of the curve.

Beyond Finance: The Comprehensive Capabilities of Logistaas

While the finance management module is a pivotal tool for streamlining financial operations, Logistaas’s capabilities extend beyond just managing numbers. The platform is a holistic TMS covering every aspect of the freight forwarding process, ensuring businesses can manage their operations efficiently and effectively.

Operational Excellence: With Logistaas, freight forwarders can expect operational management features that cover the entire lifecycle of a shipment, from booking and execution to tracking and delivery. The system’s intuitive design allows for seamless air, sea, and land shipment management, including specialized needs like customs clearance and multimodal transport.

Customer Engagement and Sales: The integrated CRM and sales management tools within Logistaas empower businesses to enhance their customer engagement strategies. Logistaas ensures businesses can keep their customers at the centre of their operations, from managing leads and opportunities to creating detailed, customized quotations.

Digital Transformation Enabled: The platform’s robust online portals for customers and integration capabilities with digital freight platforms exemplify how Logistaas enables freight forwarders to embrace digital transformation, offering transparency, efficiency, and enhanced service levels to their clients.

Elevating Finance Management in Freight Forwarding with Logistaas

This module simplifies and streamlines every aspect of financial management for freight forwarders, from handling receivables and payables to ensuring global compliance with tax regulations.

Managing Receivables and Payables

Logistaas excels at simplifying the financial complexities freight forwarders face daily. The system allows for:

  • Easy generation of revenue invoices for shipments.
  • Accurate management of vendor invoices against expected costs.
  • Efficient tracking of payments received and made.
  • Comprehensive credit management for customers and vendors.

Global Financial Compliance

Understanding the global nature of freight forwarding, Logistaas includes features designed for localization and compliance, such as:

  • Integration with accounting systems for seamless financial data exchange.
  • Setup of local tax schemes and compliance with e-invoice requirements.
  • Retrieval of exchange rates directly from central banks for accurate financial transactions.

Financial Visibility and Insights

With detailed financial reporting capabilities, Logistaas provides businesses with the insights needed to make informed decisions:

  • Dynamic profit reports and aging statements offer a clear view of financial health.
  • Tools to identify discrepancies in costs and revenues ensure financial integrity.

Logistaas provides a comprehensive suite of tools designed to empower freight forwarders in the digital age, from operational management to customer engagement and financial oversight. By leveraging Logistaas, businesses can optimize their financial management practices and embrace a holistic approach to freight forwarding operations.