Looking to transform your freight forwarding or shipping business digitally?

May 2024

Logistaas is distinguished in the freight forwarding landscape through our innovative solutions and our customer-centric approach. At Logistaas, we don’t just offer a product; we deliver a tailored experience, ensuring every feature and service meets and exceeds your operations’ unique demands. Here’s an in-depth look at how we prioritize your needs at every point:

1. Multilingual Customer Support

Navigating the complexities of global logistics demands more than expertise; it requires clear, effective communication. Recognizing our clients’ diverse linguistic backgrounds, Logistaas offers robust multilingual support in English, Arabic, and Spanish, ensuring you can interact, receive assistance, and resolve issues in your preferred language. This commitment eliminates barriers, fosters better understanding, and enhances your overall experience with our platform.

2.Tailored Customization

Your business has its challenges and needs, so Logistaas emphasizes customizable solutions. Our platform’s flexibility allows you to request or apply certain modifications to some features or integrate new functionalities tailored to your specific operational needs. Our system can consistently adapt to fit your business perfectly, ensuring you’re always equipped with the right tools.

3. Continuous Updates and Open Communication

At Logistaas, innovation is continuous. We relentlessly enhance our platform with the latest technologies and improvements, driven by industry trends and client feedback. We communicate these updates through regular status updates and monthly newsletters to keep you in the loop. This keeps you informed of new features and enhancements and ensures that you are always equipped with the latest tools to maximize efficiency.

4. Feedback-Driven Development

Your input is vital to our evolution. Logistaas takes a client-driven approach to development, where your feedback directly influences our roadmap for new integrations and major feature updates. This strategy ensures that the solutions we develop are not just upgrades but are tailored responses to the real-world challenges you face, enhancing your operational efficiency and competitive edge.

5. Transparent and Affordable Pricing

Trust and transparency are the cornerstones of any successful partnership. Logistaas is committed to transparency in all our dealings, especially regarding pricing. We offer clear, straightforward pricing plans with no hidden fees, making our software accessible to businesses of all sizes. This approach ensures you can plan your finances better, with predictable costs that support effective budgeting and financial management.

6. Empowering Your Customers Through Our Online Portal

Understanding that your relationship with your clients is paramount, our Online Customer Portal is designed to empower your clients with self-service capabilities. They can easily track shipments, access important documents, and manage their transactions, which enhances transparency and trust in your services. This portal strengthens your customer relationships and improves operational efficiency by reducing the time spent on routine inquiries and customer service tasks.

At Logistaas, our mission is to support your growth and success by providing a software solution that meets today’s needs and anticipates tomorrow’s challenges. Our customer-centric approach is at the heart of what we do. We evolve as you evolve, ensuring a partnership that grows stronger with time. Join us on this journey and experience how a truly customer-focused TMS can transform your business operations. Book a demo now.