Looking to transform your freight forwarding or shipping business digitally?

June 2024

This month, we’re excited to introduce new features and updates designed to enhance your efficiency and simplify the management of your freight forwarding operations. Each enhancement gives you more control and flexibility over your logistical processes.

Agent Tags Filter for Dynamic Volume and Profit Reports

Our new “Agent Tags” filter allows you to refine your financial and operational reports. This feature enables you to generate dynamic volume and profit reports, including data from agents associated with selected tags. Focusing on specific agents allows you to analyze performance better and tailor your strategies for improved business outcomes, enhancing targeted insights and strategic planning.

Custom Dates Feature

Introducing the ability to add custom date fields to your shipments, a new feature that enhances your control over shipment management. This allows you to track additional date-related information vital to your operations, such as “Document Signing Date” or “Custom Clearance Date.” You can streamline processes with increased flexibility and improved tracking by maintaining comprehensive records with essential dates. These custom dates will be integrated into your shipment records and appear in the “Dates” section and the date search filter in shipments.

Spreadsheet View for Costs & Revenues

The new spreadsheet view in the Costs & Revenues tab for shipments and customs clearance jobs enhances your data management capabilities, providing a more detailed and customizable overview of your financials directly within Logistaas. The enhanced visibility and customizable display allow you to toggle from the Classical view to a spreadsheet-like experience, hide unnecessary fields, and reorder charges as needed, giving you complete control over financial data.

Bulk Change of Financial and Operational Status

In response to user feedback, we have introduced enhanced filters for bulk changing shipments’ financial and operational statuses. This feature allows for simultaneous updates to multiple shipments, improving operational efficiency and saving time. With increased control and tailored updates, you can manage the statuses of various shipments efficiently.

Different ways you can do that:

  1. Manual Selection: Select specific shipments to update, perfect for addressing unique needs without impacting other shipments.
  2. Current Page: Apply changes to all shipments currently displayed on your screen, which is ideal for quick adjustments.
  3. All Pages: Update all shipments within your system, which is helpful for broad operational changes.

New AI-Powered Language Translation Capabilities

To ensure your user experience is smooth and accessible, we now automatically leverage AI technology to translate the software interface into your selected language. This enhancement makes Logistaas more user-friendly, allowing you to navigate and use the system in your native language. Improved accessibility and instant translations ensure new features and fields are readily available in your preferred language.

Event at Princess Sumaya University for Technology

We are excited to announce our recent event at Princess Sumaya University for Technology (PSUT), one of Jordan’s leading universities. Our session focused on the evolution of digital freight forwarding and the increasing significance of Transportation Management Systems in the industry. We thank PSUT for hosting us and the enthusiastic students who made the event engaging and rewarding.