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Digital Freight Forwarders: Navigating the Transformational Journey in the Modern Logistics Landscape

Published 2021 In today’s fast-paced global economy, freight forwarding is undergoing a profound transformation, ushered in by the rise of digital freight forwarders. The term “digital freight forwarder” has quickly become a buzzword in the logistics industry, signifying a fundamental shift in how forwarders engage with their clients, partners, and operations. These digital forwarders have […]

Digital Freight Forwarding: TMS’s Pivotal Role

The Evolution of Digital Forwarders: How TMS Empowers Freight Management In today’s rapidly evolving logistics landscape, the emergence of the “digital forwarder” has become a defining trend. A digital forwarder operates within the realm of online interactions, leveraging a mix of advanced technologies such as websites, mobile apps, and automated messaging services. This transformation, while […]

TMS Changes in Freight Forwarding over the 5 Years

Evolution of TMS Expectations in the Changing Landscape of Freight Forwarding In the dynamic world of freight forwarding, the past five years have witnessed a rapid transformation in the expectations surrounding Transportation Management Systems (TMS). As the industry landscape evolves, the role of TMS providers has also shifted significantly, catering to emerging needs and demands […]

Unified vs API TMS: Strategic Choices in Logistics Tech

Navigating the Crossroads: One Unified Modular TMS or Separate Solutions Connected via API? In the ever-evolving landscape of logistics technology, businesses face a pivotal decision that could shape their operational efficiencies and strategic growth. The dilemma is whether to use a complete modular Transportation Management System (TMS) that includes different operational aspects or to connect […]

Carrier Digitization & Supply Chain: A Guide for Forwarders

The Changing Dynamics of Carrier-Forwarder Interaction In an era of rapid digital transformation across industries, the logistics and supply chain sectors are no exception. The integration of technology and data-driven processes has brought opportunities and challenges for various stakeholders, including freight forwarders and carriers. While some view carrier digitization as a potential threat to the […]

The Future of Integration: Possibilities

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Over the past three decades, international organizations have gone through a groundbreaking evolution in their shipping and merchandising processes with the introduction of technology in logistics. As the world grew more globalized each period of time, so did the advancement of technology. This shift necessitated supply chain services and freight forwarders to enhance their adaptability […]

The Birth and Growth of RPA in the Freight Forwarding Industry

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Robotic process automation is a software that can be easily programmed to perform repetitive tasks with various applications in place. This software could be taught a workflow with several steps that would reduce the burden of employees carrying out these redundant tasks. Because of RPA’s ability to process huge chunks of data at once, it […]

Digital Disruption and Challenges in Freight Forwarding


As technology becomes a building block in the corporate world, the freight forwarding industry grows more competitive. The degree of digitization applied to a company’s employees, processes, and overall vision now aids in increasing market share. The biggest driver of technological application lies in the surrounding freight forwarding landscape. When being faced with increased customer […]